Doğu Göktürk Kağanına Ait Mezarın Keşfiyle ilgili Haber

Kazakh scientists found under the ancient mausoleum of Emperor Mongolia

In Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Mongolian archaeologists discovered the ancient mausoleum of the emperor, the correspondent . Finding itself, dating back to VII century, is sensational, say scientists in the world. The mausoleum is preserved in its original form and is not destroyed during the excavation of thanks largely invented in conjunction with the Mongolian archaeologists new method. This know-how of scientists between the two countries, said during the meeting, Doctor of Philology, Professor, Director of the Research Center “and altaistika Years Plan” in the name of Gumilev Eurasian National Karzhaubay Sartkozhauly.
“Turkic culture has not changed much over the centuries. As you know, our ancestors established tent so that the door” looking “at the south-east. The door is the corridor that leads to the mausoleum, also appeared on the south-east. When we started to conduct research , it became clear how the ancient Turks 1,300 years ago unearthed and re-buried underground object. Note that archaeologists Zhantegin Karzhaubayuly (Kazakhstan) and Erdenbold (Mongolia), fully preserved appearance, early medieval architectural structure of the mausoleum of the ancient Turks. It’s a long process and hard work throughout group, which consisted of 34 people “- said Sartkozhauly.
In the corridor length of 42 meters there was no stage, but on the walls on both sides of drawn pictures, and there are four arches in the 100-150 cm thick. This is a rare unique object, said artist and restorer, the founder of scientific restoration laboratory, “The Island of Crimea” Kyrym Altynbekov.
The excavation lasted two months, after which a month needed for the preservation of objects found. The mausoleum was found about 352 items. Among them – jewelry, art, everyday objects. Of particular interest are the “terracotta” figurines and their location in one of the chambers of the mausoleum. “When we went to one of the rooms, they saw about 90 small sculptures, they stood in four rows. They symbolize the rite of burial. However, it still must be carefully studied. But the finding suggests that in the VI-VII century this kind of Art (making of “terra cotta” sculptures. – Comm.’s) existed among the ancient Turks, who, perhaps, were the first who used it “- says Altynbekov.
As the Sartkozhauly, construction and equipment of the underground mausoleum Mayhan-uula in Central Mongolia is characteristic only for the local Turkic peoples. And it does not have any relation Chinese and Sogdian masters. This is evidenced by feature drawings, sculptures, drawings, designs and jewelry artists. “Chinese wall paintings have survived only in the towns to the west of Dun-Huang.
Images of Western China are IX-XIII centuries AD. A mausoleum Mayhan uula-installed in the VII century, so the wall paintings – the legacy of the Great Steppe. Of course, the the influence of Chinese, Oriental culture is not excluded, I would say, is inevitable. But the historical and cultural values ​​found in an underground mausoleum, owned by us and are a national, cultural heritage of the Turkic world “- concludes the scientist.
Most interesting is that Turk mausoleum primarily interested in foreigners: the curious scientists from Germany, China, USA and others, as only found out about the historic site, once arrived, and even envy of so ancient discovery. “In Mongolia, now in parallel with 30 expeditions from different countries, and all celebrate the uniqueness and sensationalism found object. But now to save it, you need to build a museum, to create all necessary conditions. The Kazakh authorities have to deal with this issue right now” – says Sartkozhauly.
Author:Zhuldyz Seysenbekova

Alıntı: Doç. Dr. Abdulvahap Kara


~ tarafından Hayata Dair Notlar 05/11/2011.

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